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Fiber optic cable welding process
Release Date: 2023-03-21

Optical cable stripping tool

Optical cable transverse stripping knife, vise, utility knife, scissors, strengthening core cutters, toilet paper and alcohol cotton balls

Methods and procedures of optical cable stripping

1, according to the actual determine the cable stripping length, generally in 1.2-1.5M.

2, with optical cable transverse stripping knife or utility knife will be cable outer sheath cut.

3, cut off the water belt with scissors, remove the cable loose sheath, wipe the cable ointment with toilet paper and alcohol cotton.

4, with vice cut cable strengthening core and do a good job strengthening core reservation.

Tools and equipment for cable fixing

Screwdriver, vise, Miller pliers, utility knife, diagonal pliers, wrench, hexagon wrench, socket, joint box, ODF frame, terminal box

Fixation of optical cable

1, the cable into the joint box, fixed wire compression, not loose. Otherwise, the fiber core of the cable may be broken.

2. Open the stripping tube and wipe the grease on the optical fiber with toilet paper and alcohol cotton. On the welding disc, make the optical fiber precoil first and cut the optical fiber into an appropriate length to facilitate the coil fiber work after welding.

3. Add heat shrink tube.

Procedure for welding optical cables

1. Open the welding machine so that the welding machine is in standby state. Pass the fused optical fibers through the heat shrink tube respectively and separate the optical fibers of different beam tubes.

2. Remove the coating, strip the coating layer on the optical fiber with Miller pliers, and then wipe the bare fiber with an anhydrous alcohol cotton ball.

3. End face of optical fiber, optical fiber cutting knife is used to make end face of bare fiber. For 0.25mm (outer coated) optical fiber, the cutting length is 8-16mm; for 0.9mm (outer coated) optical fiber, the cutting length is 16-18mm.

4. Put the optical fiber into the V-shaped slot, close the windproof cover, and the welding machine will weld automatically.

5. Determine the welding quality, whether the welding loss is qualified, whether the dissolution end face is good, if not, weld again.

6. Heat the heat shrink tube and fix the heat shrink tube.

7. Coil the remaining length of the optical fiber and seal the joint box. The joint box is required to be airtight to prevent water.

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