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Hardware Fittings For ADSS Optic Cables
Release Date: 2024-02-19

ADSS (All-Dielectric Self-Supporting) cables are commonly used in telecommunication and power transmission systems. When it comes to hardware fittings for ADSS cables, there are several key components:

  1. Suspension Clamps: These are used to support the weight of the ADSS cable at intervals along the span. They typically consist of a metal or composite clamp that attaches to the support structure (such as a pole or tower) and grips the ADSS cable securely.

  2. Dead-Ends or Anchoring Devices: These are used to secure the end of the ADSS cable to the support structure. Dead-ends provide a means of terminating the cable securely without causing damage to the cable itself.

  3. Preformed Line Products (PLP): PLP offers various hardware fittings specifically designed for ADSS cables, including suspension clamps, dead-ends, and other accessories. These fittings are engineered to provide reliable support and strain relief for the cable.

  4. Vibration Dampers: In areas where wind-induced vibration is a concern, vibration dampers may be used to reduce stress on the ADSS cable and prolong its lifespan. These dampers absorb and dissipate energy caused by wind-induced oscillations.

  5. Guy Wire Clamps: In certain installations, guy wires may be used to provide additional support to poles or towers. Guy wire clamps are used to attach the guy wires securely to the support structure without damaging the ADSS cable.

  6. Spacer Dampers: Spacer dampers are used in bundled conductor configurations where multiple ADSS cables are installed parallel to each other. These dampers maintain the separation between cables and reduce the risk of galloping or oscillations caused by wind.

  7. Anchor Rods and Bolts: These are used to secure hardware fittings to the support structure, providing a reliable attachment point for the ADSS cable.

  8. Helical Dead-Ends: These are specialized dead-end fittings that provide a high-strength termination point for ADSS cables. They are often used in high-tension applications where extra durability is required.

It's important to ensure that all hardware fittings used with ADSS cables are specifically designed and tested for compatibility with the cable type and installation requirements to ensure optimal performance and safety. Additionally, adherence to manufacturer guidelines and industry standards is crucial for the successful installation and operation of ADSS cable systems.

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