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What Is CPRI LC Outdoor Cable Assemblies FTTA?
Release Date: 2023-03-29

CPRI fiber patch cable is the ideal design foroutdoor fiber cable applications. Such product can meet the FTTA(fiberto the Antenna) program requirements for outdoor environment conditions.Especially in the 3G, 4G, Base station (BBU to RRU). CPRI fiber patchcable are rapidly becoming the standard connector interface.

Mobile network operators are required, now more than ever before, tomodernize their network infrastructures in order to keep up withcontinuous high-bandwidth growth. To meet subscriber expectations, manymobile operators are switching from legacy “copper-to-the-antenna” tofiber-to-the-antenna (FTTA) infrastructures. Moreover, to add capacityand coverage for LTE services, they are deploying distributed antennasystem (DAS) networks and small cells. DAS manufacturers areincreasingly using the CPRI protocol as the go-to interface between basestations and DAS head-ends.


LC/LC FTTA outdoor fiber patch cord CPRI available in 2 core and 4core combinations can carry control or message signals with minimumloss. FTTA outdoor fiber patch cord is designed for the quick anditerative distributing & retrieving under harsh environment. CPRILC/LC FTTA cable is can armored with SUS flexible spring tube,portable, flexible, oil-resistant, rubbing-resistant, flame retardant,high tension load and wide operating temperature range. Its applicationsinclude quick deployment, military, mining, oil field, TV broadcasting,and communication emergency repair.Ideal for outside cablingapplication-Armored steel tape for rodent resistance-Pressureresistance-Fully water-blocked-Moisture blocking loose tubes-Fiber 2core or 4 core
Easy Operation, reliable and cost-effective

The Common Public Radio Interface (CPRI) standarddefines an interface between Radio Equipment Control (REC) and RadioEquipment (RE). Oftentimes, CPRI links are used to carry data betweencell sites and base stations.The purpose of CPRI is to allow replacementof a copper or coax cable connection between a radio transceiver (usedexample for mobile-telephone communication and typically located in atower) and a base station (typically located at the ground nearby), sothe connection can be made to a remote and more convenient location.Thisconnection (often referred to as the Fronthaul network) can be a fiberto an installation where multiple remote base stations may be served.This fiber supports multi mode communication and doesn’t support singlemode communication. The fiber end is connected with the transceiverdevice called Small form-factor pluggable transceiver.


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