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Aerial fiber optic cable laying requirements
Release Date: 2021-10-08

Requirements for flat laying:

We all know that overhead optical cable is used in the pole above, so naturally there will be a lot of laying requirements, first of all, we have to understand the requirements of laying optical cables on the ground. Generally speaking, when laying on the ground, the device to be used is the hook hanging way. If you are laying in other environments, such as mountainous areas, be careful how you do it. The way of laying in mountain is lashing. In the joint above, we should also pay attention to choose some better maintenance position, so that in the next maintenance, it can also be convenient to maintain in a better position.


Requirements for special lots:

When laying overhead optical cables, there will certainly be different environments, and when we are in different environments, we have to do different things. For example, when laying in special areas, if we are crossing rivers or other areas, we should put up some warning signs in time, so that people can clearly understand that this area is being laid now, to avoid.

Requirements for safety factors:

Generally speaking, in the process of laying, there will be a lot of safety risks. For example, the overhead cable will produce some weak current similar to power cable, but these currents will produce more or less damage to people, so when laying for safety factors, the work must be able to do bit. Only in this way can the laying work be carried out smoothly. The terminal of the suspension wire must be grounded, so as to minimize the potential safety hazard.

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