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ASU Fiber Optic Cable
Release Date: 2022-05-21

ASU optical cable An ASU is a self-supporting insulated cable. It contains a loose tube that can hold a maximum of 12 optical fibers. The tube is filled with gel and the core wires are filled with water expandable material to prevent the optical fibers from being wet.


2 to 24 Optical fiber ASU cable (AS80 and AS120) is a self-supporting optical cable used to connect equipment, suitable for urban and rural networks, with a span of 80 meters or 120 meters. Because it is self-supported and fully insulated, it has FRP stiffeners as traction elements, thus avoiding discharges in the network. It is easy to operate and install and does not require the use of wires or grounding.

It is mainly used for communication line of overhead high voltage transmission system, and can also be used for communication line in lightning area, long distance overhead line and other environment.

Compared with the twisted ADS cable, this cable can not only save the use of imported aramid yarn, but also reduce the manufacturing cost due to the reduction of the overall structure size. Compared with the common adS-24 cable, which spans 150 meters, the cable can be more than 20 percent cheaper.


ASU optical cable The optical fiber is located in a loose tube made of a high-modulus plastic. These tubes are filled with a waterproof filling compound. Filled FRP rod. The cable is equipped with polyethylene (PE) sheath.


Outdoor antenna and piping applications;


Frp-filled elements enable the cable to have high tension

Test-tube filled gel

Loose casing is twisted

Polyethylene sheathed outdoor cable

A waterproof layer protects the cable from water

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