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Dome/Vertical Type Optical Fiber Splice Closure
Release Date: 2022-03-16

Dome/Vertical Optical Fiber Splice Closure looks like a dome, thus it is also called dome fiber optic splice closure or fiber dome closure. The dome shape makes it easy to be buried in many applications, though it also can be used above-ground as well.

48 Core Fiber Optic Splice Joint Closure Dome Types ME F101H

Due to the growing network demands, there is a wide range of models and configurations of vertical fiber optic splice closures. High-capacity versions and variations in the number of splicing trays are also available in the market to meet the complex needs of today’s fiber-optic networks. The number of inlet/outlet ports of the dome fiber optic closure also varies with application needs. Dome fiber optic splice closure requires high-levels seals and waterproof technology, due to its underground applications. Besides, keeping insects and dirt out is also important for underground closures.

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Fiber optic closure, also known as fiber optic splicing closures, is a device used to provide space and protection for fiber optic cables spliced together. The fiber optic closure connects and stores optical fibers safely either in the outside plant or indoor buildings. It can provide protection for the fiber joint and the fiber cables since they have excellent mechanical strength and strong out shell, which ensures the joints are not damaged by the hostile environment.

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