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Eliminate the damage to the optical fiber of the optical cable caused by the construction
Release Date: 2022-01-10

1. the importance of optical cable

Optical cables carry a large number of real-time services. Optical cable services involve multiple departments, multiple regions, and multiple levels of services (Southern network services; provincial communication network services; regional communication network services), with a wide range of influence. Involving protection business channels, stable control channels, automatic dedicated line channels, dispatching data network channels, integrated data network channels, etc.

The interruption of one optical cable may cause: multiple line protection services are interrupted, lines run without protection; AC and DC stable control signals are interrupted; site automation in the area is completely interrupted; bureau buildings and dispatching desks cannot be connected; office IT systems and video conference signals are interrupted.

2. Case warning

External force damage is the absolute main cause of optical cable failure. The following are examples of cable failures that have occurred:

3. Preventive work requirements Line and pipeline construction requirements: to prevent the interruption of optical cables due to construction in the system

1. The risk of optical cable interruption must be considered when formulating a construction plan:

In the construction plan, the risk identification must include [whether there is an optical cable within the construction scope], and the construction involving optical cables must be countersigned by the system operation department. The scope of analysis should include the OPGW and ADSS optical cables in the construction line and the spanning line; the same pipeline and the same route optical cable in the cable trench.

2. Comprehensively analyze the risk of optical cable interruption during the construction process and implement risk control measures:

In the construction plan, the risk analysis of optical cable must comprehensively analyze the risk of optical cable interruption caused by factors such as optical cable bending, pipeline cable/optical cable dragging, etc., and implement corresponding risk control measures. Before construction, there must be a disclosure meeting to implement the on-site disclosure work, and formulate an emergency plan for the interruption of the optical cable:

Before construction involving optical cables, the system department needs to fully communicate, hold a disclosure meeting, and keep the minutes of the meeting; to implement the on-site disclosure work during construction, it is necessary to formulate an emergency plan for optical cable interruption in conjunction with the communications professional, and make preparations for emergency connection and repair of optical cable interruptions in advance.

3. The construction process is prepared in advance, and the review time is fully considered:

The construction involving the optical cable needs to declare the maintenance plan in advance. The optical cable involves the three-level business of the network, the province and the prefecture, and the maintenance involving the business of the network company needs to be approved by the general commissioner.

According to the communication maintenance management regulations: one month before the start of construction, communicate with the system department and report the monthly plan; 5 working days (one week) before the construction, complete the construction plan and submit the maintenance application.

4. Communication scheduling permission must be reported before the optical cable is interrupted:

After the project starts (line power failure), if the optical cable needs to be interrupted, the communication scheduling must be notified before the optical cable is interrupted, and the optical cable can be interrupted only after permission.

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