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Feiboer GYXTW wins Columbia cable project order
Release Date: 2020-09-17

The customer is a Colombian operator, Starting a telecommunications business. After two months of communication, We finally placed an order in July, And the project scale reached 120,000 DOLLARS.

In this project communication, feiboer staff won the full trust of customers with good technology, Reliable product quality and flexible strategy. Achieved an important breakthrough in the Colombian market and became the country's optical cable supplier; At the same time, it also lays a good foundation for the expansion of other key products in the Colombian market.

Project requirement:

GYXTW outdoor fiber optic cable 12 core:250km

GYFXTC8Y outdoor fiber optic cable 12 core:300km

Fiber optic distribution box 16 core:1200pcs

Fiber optic distribution box 8 core:1800pcs

Patch cord SC/UPC-SC/UPC:1000pcs

Patch cord SC/APC-SC/APC:4000pcs

For more technical specifications, please contact us:

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