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Fiber optic cable letter code meaning and composition
Release Date: 2020-12-10

The code and meaning of optical fiber cable are as follows (YD/T908-2000) :

GY communication outdoor optical cable; GM communication mobile optical cable; GJ communication indoor optical cable; GS communication equipment optical cable; GH communication submarine cable; GT communication special optical cable; GR soft cable for communication.

Communication fibers can be divided into six major categories and several subcategories: G.651, G.652, G.653, G.654, G.655 and G.656:

(1) G.651 is multi-mode fiber, IEC and GB/T further according to their core diameter, cladding diameter, numerical aperture parameters It is subdivided into four subclasses A1a, A1b, A1c and A1d.

(2) G.652 is conventional single-mode fiber, which is currently divided into four subclasses of G.652A, G.652B, G.652C and G.652D,IEC And GB/T named g.652c B1.3, the rest named B1.1.

(3) G.653 fiber is a dispersion-displacement single-mode fiber. IEC and GB/T classify G.653 fiber as B2 fiber.

(4) G.654 fiber is a cutoff wavelength shift single-mode fiber, also known as the best performance fiber at 1550nm, IEC and GB/TG.654 Optical fibers are classified as B1.2 optical fibers.

(5) Class G.655 non-zero chromatic scattered-shift single-mode fiber, which is currently divided into g. 655A, G.655B and G.655C G.655 optical fibers are classified as B4 fibers by IEC and GB/T.

2. The cable type consists of five parts

ⅰ, ⅱ, ⅲ, ⅳ, ⅴ

I. Represents the type of optical cable

GY -- outdoor optical cable for communication; GJ -- indoor optical cable; MG -- optical cable for coal mine use

ⅱ. Types of strengthening components

(No model) -- metal reinforced member; F -- Non-metallic strengthening members

ⅲ. Structural characteristics

D -- Fiber band structure; (unsigned) -- loose sleeve stranded structure; X -- center tube structure; G -- Skeleton knot Structure; T -- filled; Z -- Flame retardant structure; C8 -- 8 type self - bearing structure

Ⅳ, sheath

Y -- polyethylene protective layer; W - entrain steel wire - polyethylene bonding layer; S - steel - polyethylene bonding layer; A Aluminum - polyethylene bonding layer; V -- PVC sheath

ⅴ, the outer protective layer

53 - Corrugated steel strip longitudinal sheathed polyethylene sheath; 23 - Wrapped steel tape armored polyethylene sheath; 33 -- Fine wire wrapping and armoring poly Vinyl sheath; 43 - Thick steel wire wrapped sheathed polyethylene sheath; 333 -- Double layer thin wire wrapped sheathed polyethylene sheath.

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