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How are submarine cables laid?
Release Date: 2022-04-20

So, how is the submarine cable buried? Is it enough to just throw it into the sea?

Obviously not.

The laying project of submarine optical cable is recognized as one of the most complex and difficult large-scale projects by countries all over the world.

The whole laying process can be divided into two parts, namely laying in shallow sea area and laying in deep sea area.

Let's take a look at the animation first:


The above picture is the laying process of submarine optical cables (including shallow sea and deep sea).

Among them, in the shallow sea area, the fiber optic cable laying ship stays several kilometers away from the coast, and pulls the fiber optic cable placed on the floating bag to the shore through the traction of the onshore tractor, and then removes the floating bag, so that the fiber optic cable sinks to the seabed.


Optical cable laying in shallow sea area


fiber optic cable laying vessel

The ship needs to carry a large amount of fiber optic cables to be laid. The state-of-the-art fiber optic cable laying vessel can carry 2,000 kilometers of fiber optic cable and lay it at a speed of 200 kilometers per day.


Coiled fiber optic cable on board

In the deep sea area, the laying ship first uses an underwater detector and an underwater remote control vehicle to conduct underwater monitoring and adjustment to avoid uneven and rocky places on the seabed.


underwater remote control car

After completing the route survey, it is necessary to lay the optical cable.

At this time, the excavator came into play.



This is an excavator, kind of like a plow for plowing. Actually, it's a plow.


The excavator is towed forward by the laying vessel. In addition to serving as a counterweight for the fiber optic cable to sink to the ocean floor, it works in three steps:

The first step is to use high-pressure flushing water to create a trench about 2 meters deep on the seabed;

The second step is to put the optical cable into the groove through the optical cable hole;

The third step is to cover the optical cable with the help of the sand next to it.


Therefore, in general, the process of burying optical cables is exploration and cleaning, submarine cable laying and burial protection.

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