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How to troubleshoot the failure of optical fiber circuit
Release Date: 2022-05-12

It is difficult to eliminate the faults of optical fiber circuit, but they cannot be eliminated without the four methods of direct analysis

The most direct method to judge whether the fault occurs in the transportation of optical fiber circuit is to analyze and judge according to the actual situation. This method can be applied to the analysis of various situations of the circuit.

First: when the circuit is completely interrupted, the primary consideration is the operation status of the secondary power supply and the normal operation of the fiber channel, followed by a comprehensive inspection of the equipment connected to the circuit, so as to analyze the cause of the fault and determine the fault category

Second: in the case of intermittent circuit transmission, the main check optical signal transmission power is normal. Third, when the circuit transmission error rate increases suddenly, the place to check here is the same as the intermittent circuit transmission. It is also necessary to consider the optical information power, and then analyze the fault according to the actual situation.

Finally, when some equipment fails on the line, it is necessary to carry out strict inspection on the interface of the equipment connection, find the cause of the circuit failure in time, and make an effective solution. After directly analyzing the transmission power of optical signal by excluding the influence of magnetic field and weather changes during the operation of optical fiber circuit with self-loop method,

Through self-loop method, the output end and the receiving end of the optical signal are repeatedly checked, and soon the fault of the optical fiber circuit can be found, which is convenient for the technical personnel to formulate reasonable and effective solutions according to the actual situation in time. In addition to the above two methods to check the cause of circuit failure, there are alternative inspection method, this method mainly uses part of the replacement of parts, and after repeated inspection, the possible faults are eliminated and screened, and then the final conclusion is drawn.

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