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Optical cable overhead construction technology
Release Date: 2022-02-22

When the fiber is pulled beyond its tensile limit, it will break. A reinforcing member is added to the structure of the optical cable, and the tensile strength required by the optical cable is mainly borne by the reinforcing member. During the construction process, the traction force cannot exceed the allowable rating of the optical cable, so that the optical fiber does not produce tensile strain as much as possible. The allowable traction force of the optical cable has different ratings according to the different manufacturing procedures of the optical cable, which must be paid attention to during construction. Generally, the tensile strength of optical cable is 100-300kg.

Aerial fiber optic cable

①Check whether the direction of the pole path, the buried position of the pole cable (strut), the height of the pole, the distance between the poles, the type of the cable, the position of the optical cable connector, the position of the remaining optical cable, and the total length of the pole road are consistent with the engineering design.

② The optical cable at the pole must have a certain curvature (and be protected by a hose—depending on the design), and the optical cable at the corner pole must be protected by a plastic hose.

③The upper and lower parts of the overhead lead should be tied firmly and protected by steel pipes (required to be more than 2.5 meters).

④The place where the overhead optical cable and the power line are crossed and parallel (not meeting the required separation distance of the specification) must be insulated with a three-wire cross protection sleeve.

⑤ When the overhead optical cable crosses the intersection where the vehicle passes, it must be ensured that the crossing height is more than 7 meters, and the safety sign or sign is hung on the suspension line; the short-circuit pole and the cable affect the line and traffic safety, and the reflective sign shall be treated. Conditional piers should be built for protection.

⑥The pole road built together with the optical cable requires that the poles shall not be seriously skewed or marked, and the poles shall not be broken or exposed.

⑦The cable should be diagonally deep, and the ground anchor should be no more than 0.5 meters.

⑧ The hooks are uniform and do not move, the sag of the hanging wire meets the specification, and the optical cable and the hanging wire do not cross.

⑨ The optical cable connector is firmly installed, and the remaining binding is neat and beautiful, which meets the design requirements.

⑩ Every other pole or according to the design requirements, tie a sign on the optical cable on the pole. The content of the sign is the same as that of the pipeline optical cable. Within 500 meters of entering and leaving the office, tie a sign on the optical cable on each overhead pole.

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