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Optical cable reserved design principles and lengths
Release Date: 2022-05-07

In the planning and design of the optical cable network, whether it is time slot arrangement, equipment configuration, or the length of the optical cable, there must be a "surplus" consideration everywhere, and it must be left enough! Full network capacity, tight fiber optic cable length, or reluctant relay distance, such a network is not robust, let alone advanced and economical. If it is to save money, it will be overturned and rebuilt in the end. greater waste.

For example, an optical cable was shoveled by a brutal excavator. We went to repair it and wanted to pull some optical cable from upstream, but there was no way! I want to pull some optical cables from below, but there is no game! Looking at the end of the optical cable that has been processed, it is only one or two meters away from reach and connection, what should I do? It turned out that there was no optical cable reserved on this optical cable line at all. I don’t know if it was to save trouble or material. In the end, it was necessary to re-cable the nearly 1.3-kilometer route, which was labor cost and material cost. It is estimated that at this time The "Daiwei" just wants to scold people! The reservation of optical cables is to consider the use of optical cable lines in maintenance and repairs in the future. The reservation of optical cables must be considered in design and construction. Such a plan and such a project are considered "successful". Therefore, optical cable lines are planned and designed. In the process, we generally need to properly reserve the optical cable in the following occasions:

For an office with a cable entry room, the optical cable should be reserved in the cable entry room when entering and exiting the office, and the reserved length is 10 to 20 meters;

For the office without access room, the optical cable is reserved in the second personal well in front of the office, and the remaining length is 15-20 meters. The overhead optical cable of the base station can be reserved on the end rod, and the reserved length is 20 meters;

The pipeline optical cable should be properly reserved at the joint and lead-up, with a reserved length of 6 to 10 meters, and the bending growth of the pipeline optical cable in the man/hand hole should be considered as 0.5 to 1 m/man hand hole;

The overhead optical cable should be properly reserved at the poles on both sides of the joint, with a reserved length of 10 meters, and the overhead optical cable can be appropriately reserved in a "U" shape on the poles, with a reserved length of 0.2 meters at each location;

When the optical cable crosses rivers, bridges, roads and other special sections, 5 to 30 meters of optical cables should be reserved for each place; the remaining cables should be coiled into a 60 cm diameter cable loop, and tied to the cable bracket or reinforced on the shaft wall and lead. Appropriate positions such as on the pole road.

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