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Optical fiber and cable service life
Release Date: 2022-02-12

I believe that many customers, have such doubts, in accordance with the cable manufacturers, optical fiber cable factory use period is generally more than 20 years, but often after the completion of erection, three or five years will produce maintenance? Feiboer is an old brand in the fiber and cable industry. Over the years, we have contacted many types of customers. We have professional opinions on this issue.


In general, there are three aspects:

First: is the production side of the problem (cable factory), in recent years, fiber optic cable in the market competition is becoming more and more serious, a few small manufacturer "parity" behavior in the competition, is the low price competition, low price means quality cannot be guaranteed, cannot satisfy the normal value, finally is to make the impact of the service life of the cable.


Second: is the use of the problem, as we all know, the core of the optical cable is optical fiber, and optical fiber is a brittle medium, in the construction process of optical cable, cable bending, and drag are likely to produce invisible damage to the optical fiber, in the long time of use, will produce too much loss and other problems.


Third: industry development planning, in recent years, from 3G to 4G networks, and now mentioned 5G, higher bandwidth of the network, you need to deploy higher requirements of the optical fiber network, and the old line deployment requirements, may be a short period of time can't meet, just need to modify old line, this is also a lot of lines has not reached the life, The reason why it was upgraded and replaced.


To sum up, the service life of the fiber optic cable under the influence of various factors, from the grid, and the planning of the telecommunication operators for network deployment, the use of more strict requirements for optical cable manufacturer with the communications industry participants, in line with "work together to promote the good development of the fiber optic network market vision, strictly control the respective can get the key point, Contribute a little to the communications industry.

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