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What is the difference between optical fiber and cable?
Release Date: 2021-12-25

First, the significance of fiber optic communication: fiber optic communication is one of the most significant inventions since World War II, without fiber optic communication, there would be no communication network today.

In 1976, the world's first civil optical fiber communication line was opened, and human communication entered the "age of light speed". In the same year, China's first practical optical fiber was born in Wuhan Research Institute of Posts and Telecommunications, which greatly shortened the gap between China and western developed countries in the field of optical communication and opened a new era of China's optical communication technology and industry development.

With the rapid development of the Internet today, the Internet of Things is also growing rapidly. 5G is the foundation for the realization of the Internet of Things. In this intelligent era, the rapid development of our economy is inseparable from the Chinese nation's spirit of hard work, but also every one of us to stick to their posts quietly hard work, let the world know China's speed. As an experienced person in the communication industry, I have witnessed the speed of communication, including the introduction of 2G equipment, the diversification of 3G equipment, the localization of 4G and the internationalization of 5G. This is the development speed of China's wireless communication, from lagging behind to following and finally surpassing.

PS: Development history of optical fiber

In ancient times, there was no Internet, no optical cable, and the only way to transmit information quickly was by flying pigeons. With the rapid development of science and technology, mankind has entered the information age, with the increase of information, it is necessary to look for a new way of transmission, after years of research, the transmission speed is faster, transmission capacity is larger, low loss optical fiber communication was born, from now on, mankind entered the optical age.

In 1870, British physicists discovered the principle of total reflection of light, laying the foundation for the future optical fiber transmission signal;

The lightphone was invented in 1880 to transmit sound waves using light beams;

In 1966, Dr. Kao published "Dielectric Fiber Surface Waveguide of Optical Frequency" and created the world's first optical fiber for communication.

Optical fiber

Main composition is glass fiber, optical fiber in coloured glaze and active ingredient is high purity silica, the temperature of 1500 degrees in the fire, into the optical fiber preform made it in suspension to optical fiber preform drawing furnace, continuous wire drawing length of 7500 km, will clean up a annealing tube, in order to prevent the impurity and dust fall on optical fiber, After melting into soft embryos at 2200 degrees Celsius, it passes through a 1-meter-long annealing tube and gradually cools into glass fibers with a diameter of 0.1 mm. The winding machine rotates to drive the fiber drawing and complete the collection of fibers. The optical fiber made of glass fiber inside the optical fiber, the optical signal can be transmitted to thousands of kilometers, the hundreds of thousands of optical fiber combination, made like cable cable, so as to improve the strength of optical fiber, and greatly increase the communication capacity.

This is optical fiber production process, production is their slender glass optical fiber, if you have fused fiber will find that each optical fiber peeling is a transparent vitreous fibers, very fragile, easily broken, but you draw how also pull continuously, it also often hear some predecessors said optical fiber fused fiber can't fold, easy to break. This is the property of optical fiber.

Fiber optic cable

Optical cable is commonly said to be more than one optical fiber through the post-processing coat, layers of protection, so that the optical fiber can be transmitted in the outdoor and indoor environment, not easy to disconnect, so that the optical fiber can adapt to all kinds of different environments. Optical cable as an important data transmission information high speed, affecting our lives, listen to the most is the optical fiber to the household, in fact, should be called cable to the household, but it is a very thin optical cable, called leather cable. Optical cable mainly has these models: 6, 8, 12, 48, 72, 96, 144, 288, etc., the most commonly used 6, 8, 12, 24, 48 fiber optic cable.

The difference between optical fiber and cable, widely speaking, optical fiber is a cable, are a transmission medium. But they are not, strictly speaking, the same product, the difference between an optical fibre and a cable: a fibre is a thin, flexible medium for transmitting light. Most optical fibers must be covered with several layers of protection before they can be used. The covered cables are called optical cables. So the optical fiber is the core part of the optical cable, optical fiber after some components and the protection of the attached layer constitutes the optical cable.

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