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Installation effect of prestranded wire tensioning clamp
Release Date: 2021-11-19

ADSS optical cable is used for high-voltage transmission lines, using power system transmission tower pole, the whole optical cable is non-metallic medium, hanging on the electric field intensity of the electric tower is the least position. It is suitable for the established high-voltage transmission lines, because of its comprehensive investment savings, reduce artificial damage of optical cable, high security, no electromagnetic/strong electric interference, large span, favored by the majority of power system users. It is widely used in the communication construction of electric power system urban network reconstruction and rural network reconstruction.


1.The construction is simple. Exempted from the pole, erecting steel rope and hanging pulley on the rope cable laying procedures, can be like power lines, directly fly across the fields, ditches and rivers.

2. Communication lines and power lines have their own systems. No matter what kind of lines fail, maintenance and repair will not affect each other.

3. Compared with bundled and wound optical cables used in power systems, ADSS is not attached to power lines or ground cables, and is set up separately on poles and towers, which can be constructed without power failure.

4. Cable has superior performance in high intensity electric field, is not subject to electromagnetic interference, special materials made of outer sheath, from lightning strike.

5. The communication line survey and tower construction process are omitted, and the project construction is simplified.

6 cable diameter is small, light weight, reduce the impact of ice and wind on the cable, but also reduce the load of tower and support. Maximum use of tower resources, 500KV high voltage transmission lines will be widely used.



1. Single-mode, multi-mode optical fiber and integrated cable design.

2. Sleek appearance, so that the cable has superior aerodynamic performance.

3. All-medium optical cable structure is conducive to installation and maintenance.

4. Wide temperature adaptation range, small linear expansion coefficient, meet the requirements of harsh environment.

5. Leakage resistance voltage 25KV.

6 torsion balance and aramid winding, so that the cable has high tensile strength and bulletproof performance.


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