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What is the difference between ADSS cable and OPGW cable?
Release Date: 2022-07-14

In the communication industry, both ADSS fiber optic cables and OPGW fiber optic cables have been fully used, and since the advent of fiber optic cables, they have immediately received great interest from the power sector, and now many have become new telecom operators, all because they have towers resource. There are ADSS optical cables or OPGW optical cables, both of which need to be able to be used for a long time. The required materials are of good quality and must be produced by regular manufacturers.


What is the difference between ADSS cable and OPGW cable?

1. The structure is different.

OPGW cable is mainly composed of cable core (optical fiber unit) containing optical fiber and metal stranded wire (including aluminum clad steel wire, galvanized steel wire, aluminum alloy wire, hard aluminum wire). Hundreds of different structures have emerged so far, and there are three main types.

Aluminum tube type. Frame aluminum. Tube type. Steel tube type.

ADSS cable is mainly composed of cable core, strength wire (or other suitable material) and outer sheath. The various structures of ADSS fiber optic cables can be summarized into two representative structures. Mainly central tube type, layer twist type.

2. Technical parameters.

Rated Tensile Strength (RTS)

Also known as tensile strength or breaking force, it refers to the calculated value of the sum of the strengths of the bearing section (ADSS mainly calculates aramid). RTS is an important parameter for the configuration of fittings (especially tension clamps) and the calculation and control of safety factor.

Maximum tensile strength (MAT)

Also, according to the designed meteorological condition theory, the maximum tension that OPGW and ADSS can bear is calculated. MAT is an important basis for calculation and control of sag, tension, span and safety factor.

Daily Average Operating Tension (EDS)

Also known as the annual average work tension, it is the average tension generated by OPGW and ADSS in the long-term work process.

DC Resistance

That is, the calculated value of the parallel resistance of all conductive elements in the OPGW at 20°C should be as close as possible to the ground wire on the opposite side. ADSS does not have this requirement.

short circuit current

OPGW refers to the maximum current that the OPGW can withstand when it is short-circuited (generally refers to a single phase). The results show that the starting and ending temperature of the short-circuit current is related to the short-circuit current time, which should be as close to the actual situation as possible. ADSS does not have this requirement.

Short flow capability

It is expressed by the square of the short-circuit current and the time multiplied by I2t. ADSS does not have this requirement.

The above is a brief introduction to common optical cables, adss optical cables and opgw optical cables, I hope it can help you.

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