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Different adss cables
Release Date: 2022-07-14

All-dielectric self-supporting optical cable (adss) is a non-metallic optical cable composed entirely of dielectric materials, including necessary support systems, and can be directly suspended on power towers. , non-inductive, thin diameter, light, easy construction and economical characteristics. It is mainly used for communication lines of overhead high-voltage power transmission systems, and can also be used for communication lines in overhead laying environments such as lightning-prone areas and large spans.

Since the ADSS optical cable dances with the high-voltage power line, its surface is required to be able to withstand the test of the high-voltage and strong electric environment for a long time in addition to the same resistance to ultraviolet radiation as the ordinary optical cable. The capacitive coupling between the optical cable and the high-voltage phase line and the ground will generate different spatial potentials on the surface of the optical cable. Under the action of rain, snow, frost and other meteorological environments and dust, the potential difference causes leakage current locally on the surface of the wet and dirty optical cable, and the resulting thermal effect causes the water in part of the surface of the optical cable to evaporate. At the moment of drying, the leakage current is interrupted, resulting in arc and If the heat energy is large, the accumulated heat energy will burn the surface of the optical cable, forming a branch-like trace, which is the so-called electric trace. Over time, the outer sheath is aging and damaged. From the outside to the inside, the aging mechanical properties of the aramid yarn decrease, and eventually the optical cable will break. This problem is mainly solved from two aspects. One is to use special tracking-resistant sheath material to extrude the outer sheath of the aramid yarn, that is, use AT tracking-resistant sheath to reduce the tracking corrosion on the surface of the optical cable by strong electricity; According to this scientific basis, the specific suspension point of the optical cable on the tower is determined, so as to avoid the optical cable from being affected by a stronger electric field.

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