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How to repair a broken fiber?
Release Date: 2021-05-12

When the fiber is broken, we don't call it repair, we call it fusion. Just like the electric welding of the iron pipe, with a special machine, it is the fiberglass filaments that are fused together!

This is the optical fiber fusion splicer , a magical machine.

We need to strip the optical cable first, and we can find that the optical cable is actually an optical fiber bundle, which is composed of many small optical fibers. We use the size of the fiber bundle to mark the size of the fiber optic cable, such as 12-core fiber optic cable, 48-core fiber optic cable, and 72-core fiber optic cable. These numbers represent the number of fibers contained in the cable. Let's take a 12-core optical fiber cable as an example. If it breaks, we will strip the optical fiber cable. At the broken ends, strip all the 12-core optical fibers from the protective layer , and then follow the cable sequence one by one. put it into this machine, and the machine begins to weld.

The following picture is a schematic diagram of the optical cable after stripping. Note that the thinnest part is still colored, and it needs to be stripped again with a stripper to see the transparent optical fiber. See the back picture for the wire stripper!


The following picture shows the internal situation of the machine. Pay attention to the two probes in the middle part of the picture, that is, the discharge needle. The two ends of the broken fiber are placed on both sides, and the discharge needle discharges and the fiber is spliced!


The picture below shows a special tool for stripping optical fibers, which we call strippers.


After the optical cable is spliced, a splice box is required to protect the spliced part, so see the splice box in the figure below.


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