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How to deal with optical fiber transmission attenuation effectively
Release Date: 2021-06-16

Regarding fiber attenuation, we need to figure out the reasons for its attenuation and deal with them separately.

First, the processing method of optical fiber continuity attenuation is as follows:

(1) In the design, construction and daily maintenance of optical fiber installation, high-quality optical fibers should be selected and the same batch of optical fibers should be used as much as possible. the goal of.

(2) Select experienced construction personnel for optical cable splicing and comprehensive testing. The technical level of the construction personnel directly affects the amount of connection attenuation. The construction personnel should strictly follow the optical fiber fusion process for splicing, and strictly control the attenuation that may be caused by the joint, and then Eliminate the effect of human factors on attenuation.

(3) Preparation of relatively perfect optical fiber sections. The preparation of optical fiber sections is the key to the connection between optical fibers. Whether the fiber section preparation is perfect or not directly determines the continuity attenuation of the fiber. The optical fiber section should be kept flat, free of defects, and kept clean to avoid dust contamination of the fiber end face.

Second, the processing method to solve the optical fiber discontinuous attenuation is as follows:

(1) In the process of engineering survey, design and construction, the best route and route laying method should be selected.

(2) Cultivate a group of high-quality construction teams to ensure reliable construction quality.

(3) In the whole process of design, construction and maintenance, actively adopt effective optical cable lines to strengthen the lightning protection, anti-electricity, anti-corrosion, and anti-mechanical damage of optical fibers.

(4) When laying the optical cable, do not allow the optical cable to be twisted. The deployment speed should not be too fast and should not exceed the arming length required by the code. Be careful and take necessary protection measures at the bends that may damage the optical cable.

(5) Strengthen the daily maintenance and technical maintenance of optical cable lines. Fiber to the home is an inevitable result of the development of the information age. With the country's massive construction and safe operation of various optical fiber communication networks, facing and solving the transmission attenuation problem caused by the use of optical fiber will greatly improve and optimize the transmission performance of optical fiber communication engineering in the design, construction and maintenance of optical fiber communication.

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