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Microduct Air Blowing Fiber Micro Duct Tube
Release Date: 2022-05-20

Microtubule blowing fiber microtubule HDPE is a small conduit used for installing microtubule cable. They are usually 3-16 mm in size and are installed in bundles in larger pipes. Tubes (or conduits) provide a highly protected environment for optical cables. They are usually buried underground and then blown, sprayed, pulled or pushed into pipes with air.


Micropiping is a great way to get the most out of your current empty piping system. Why install a single cable when you can install multiple microtubules? Each microtubule is a conduit for present or future fibers. Expand your network according to your needs.

The most common method of optical cable installation is to use an existing pipeline infrastructure. The most economically advantageous and increasingly popular approach is a single thick-walled or thin-walled microtubule or its bundle system. This variant uses compressed air to install optical or micro-cables into existing pipe networks at customer request.

microtube Fiber Blowing installation Fiber blowing installation is a small, flexible, lightweight pipe, including HDPE microtube, tube bundle, silicon pipe, system accessories and fiber blowing installation services.

Today, microcatheter wiring is increasingly used around the world. The number of optical fibers per cable has been increased to 144 and can be installed in microtubules with an inner diameter of just 8 mm. Microbundles can eject for more than 1500 meters or more. Microtubule cables can even be sprayed for more than 3.5 kilometers at a time. Longer unspliced lengths can be obtained by placing the jet devices in front of each other.

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