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OPGW cable erection before the work
Release Date: 2022-05-12

OPGW optical cable generally in the line design, the design department should be combined with the actual situation of the line, determine whether the need to set up good conductor ground wire, determine the type and length of good conductor ground wire, control the maximum use of tension of the ground wire distance conditions and tower head size, And determine the suitable OPGW short-circuit current capacity tI2t and the limit value of the maximum service tension that can be accepted by the load condition of the tower, and the latter can be multiplied by the coefficient of 2.5 ~ 8 to become the limit value of the rated failure strength of OPGW, the limit value of OPGW cable diameter and cable weight can be determined according to the load condition of the tower.

Among them, OPGW cable weight, cable diameter and failure strength are often related to each other. Under limited conditions, OPGW product parameters must be checked and calculated by relevant "lightning protection distance in gear distance, maximum tension in service -- operation safety factor". OPGW usually to prevent strain, compression, fracture and other problems, due to the large difference in the structure of OPGW, the various performance of the machine will appear deviation.

The construction unit shall take relevant preparatory work according to the actual situation before installation. Specific preparation involves the following aspects:

① Mechanical equipment. In the erection of OPGW is the most commonly used tension line method, can keep THE OPGW in a balanced state of force, so that the corresponding tension balance and maintain a suspended state, so as to prevent the surface of the outer armor layer from being damaged.

② Site cleaning. OPGW overhead laying must be preceded by a strict survey of the construction site and thorough removal of refuse or waste from the site. At the same time, according to the actual terrain to prepare protection frame, tension machine, tractor and other equipment.

Optical cable transportation. In the process of transportation, we should pay special attention to prevent THE OPGW optical cable tray from being in a flat state, and prohibit stacking at will. The cable in tray should be rolled according to the rotating arrow displayed on the OPGW tray, and it should also be protected from all kinds of damage during the loading and unloading of the cable tray.

(4) Acceptance work. When the OPGW cable is transported to the site, the site appearance inspection and opening test should be carried out promptly to check whether the product meets the standard requirements. Under normal circumstances, OPGW materials should be accepted, mainly involving guiding optical cable, shock hammer, intermediate box and other materials. Accurate OPGW cable layout is of great help to the overhead laying work. Attention should be paid to relevant problems in the layout process, so as to play an expected role in the final erection.

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