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Optical Talk Set
Release Date: 2022-01-03

Fiber optic talk set/Optical Talk Set  consists of both the fiber optic light source and transceivers, which carry voice over the spare fiber in both directions. When doing the test work, technicians may need remote location communication during the measurement or splicing work, and sometimes radio-based communications may not be suitable because of environmental conditions such as FCC restrictions, etc. fiber optic talk set will function well in such cases, they could utilize the already installed fiber optic link to carry voice communications.

Optical Talk Set

Fiber optic talk set carry full-duplex communication with high quality voice connection without being affected by distance, it is widely used in operations of fiber optic installation, testing and maintenance works, fiber optic talk set are usually used in pairs, they work with 1310/1550nm wavelength and working distance over 80km max. These fiber talk set are with rechargeable battery and power supply adapter, the fiber optic talk set battery operating time is up to 5 hours max.

optical talk set is a new generation of intelligent optical instruments, which has the characteristics of digital voice codec, full-duplex communication, intelligence, and multi-function. It is an efficient optical network engineering tool with high call quality and low background noise.

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