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Quality problems of optical fiber cable
Release Date: 2022-11-23

With the rapid development of optical communication, optical fiber and cable began to be the mainstream products of communication, in the maintenance of government, hospitals, military and other communication plays an important role, but there are many manufacturers of optical cable production in the country, the quality of optical cable is also uneven, so we are more and more high quality requirements of optical cable, so before and after the purchase of optical cable how should we query?

Here are some ways to say it:

I. Check the manufacturer's qualification and enterprise background. Mainly to see whether big brands, whether committed to the research and development of cable products and production, whether there are many successful cases, whether have ISO9001 quality system certification, ISO4OO1 international environmental system certification, whether in line with the ROHS directive, whether there are relevant domestic and international institutions certification. Such as the Ministry of Information Industry, Theil, UL and other certifications.

2.check the product packaging. Cable supply standard plate length, generally 1km,2km,3km,4km and customized length specifications, allow positive and negative deviation, deviation range can refer to the manufacturer's factory standard. Generally speaking, the factory cable is wrapped around A strong wooden plate, and protected by a wooden sealing plate. The cable is sealed at both ends. There are the following marks on the cable plate: product name, specification, plate number, length, net/gross weight, date, A/B end mark, etc.; Check the cable test record, there are two normal, one is with the cable tray in the wooden tray side, open the wooden tray cable visible, one is fixed on the outside of the wooden tray.

3.check the cable skin. Indoor cable skin generally uses polyethylene, or flame retardant polyethylene, or low smoke halogen free materials. High quality appearance smooth and bright, feel good. With good flexibility, easy to peel. Poor quality cable skin finish is not good, peeling, skin and inside the tight sleeve, aramid adhesion, but also pay attention to some products with sponge instead of aramid material. The PE sheath of outdoor ADSS cable should be made of high quality black polyethylene. After the cable is formed, the outer skin is smooth, bright, uniform thickness and no small bubbles. Poor quality cable skin feel poor, the outer surface is not smooth, some printing words are easy to be rubbed. Due to raw material reasons, some cable skin density is poor, moisture is easy to penetrate. 

4. check the reinforcement steel wire. Many structures of outdoor cable, generally contain steel wire for strengthening. According to the technical requirements and production requirements, the steel wire in the outdoor cable is to be phosphating, the surface is gray, the cable does not increase hydrogen loss, no rust, high strength. But some optical cables use iron wire or even aluminum wire instead, the metal appearance is white, poor bending performance. In addition, some simple methods can also be used to identify, such as the cable barge open in the water bubble on a day, take out the comparison, immediately reveal the original shape.

5.check the longitudinal bandaged steel armored steel belt. Regular manufacturers generally use double-sided coated anti-rust coating longitudinally bandaged steel belt, and the ring joint is good, relatively strong and rigorous. But we also found that some cable on the market with ordinary iron sheet as armor, usually only one side for rust prevention, and see the thickness of the longitudinal bandaging grain steel belt is obviously inconsistent.

6.check the loose casing. PBT material is generally used by regular manufacturers to make loose casing with optical fiber core. This material is characterized by high strength, no deformation and anti-aging. Some products use PVC material as loose casing, the disadvantage of this material is poor strength, can be pinched flat, easy to aging.

7.check the fiber paste. The fiber paste in the outdoor cable is placed in the loose tube to prevent water from directly contacting the fiber core.

Eight, check aramid. Arylon, also known as sheafra, is a high-strength chemical fiber that can effectively prevent external forces and play a good protective role.

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