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Classification and application of indoor optical cable
Release Date: 2022-11-22

Usually we see indoor optical cable generally includes the following kinds: vertical lifting optical cable, single core, double core interconnect indoor optical cable, inflatable environment with optical cable, anti-rat type optical cable. As follows:

(1) Vertical Lifting Cable (Riser)

After the cable enters the building, it is necessary to provide connections between the entry equipment, equipment room or computer room and the communication cabinets on different floors. This is called a "vertical wiring system". At this time, the wiring cable is mainly located in the vertical pipe (Riser) between the floor shaft. To do this, the cable needs to withstand more tensile force (maximum dead weight).

(2) Single-core and dual-core Interconnecting indoor cable

Tight set single core, tight set 8 word double core, tight set 2 core ~ 4 core circular structure indoor cable due to the use of a very good flexibility of the tight set structure and high bearing arylon yarn around the tight set fiber, cable structure size is small, flexibility is good, can withstand a small bending radius, no trace of the storage, is the fiber to the workstation, communication cabinet plug wiring, pigtail, jumper, Communication cabinet to indoor wall outlet, outlet to transceiver applications such as the ideal choice of interconnecting cable. They are connected directly with standard connectors in communication cabinets, distribution boxes, protection boxes, and equipment boxes, providing interconnections between optical devices and with the main (vertical) optical cable. This type of cable is convenient and easy to install in limited space, and becomes an ideal network cable scheme for wiring in limited space and inserting flexible wires in buildings.

(3) Cable for Gas-filled environment (Plenum)

For indoor applications, Plenum class indoor cable is used when the cable needs to pass through delivery pipes, high pressure inflatable Spaces, or air handling systems to transmit information. The special use environment for the cable flame retardant, corrosion resistance and so on put forward more strict requirements. Therefore, the tight sheath material and outer sheath material used for indoor optical cable are more strict. The tight sheath material is PVC material, and the outer sheath material is UL certified PVC material with added flame retardant or hard fluoropolymer. PVC design is superior to fluoropolymer. Because PVC is soft, easy to bend, no inventory traces, can be stored in a ring.

(4) Anti-rat optical cable

The single-core or multi-core tight-sleeve fiber optic cable with stainless steel hose protection has strong side pressure resistance, high bending resistance, high tensile strength, and excellent rat-proof performance. It can be used in situations where trampling occurs, such as under carpet laying or limited space requiring frequent bending or rodent infestation.

In addition, there are several matters: one is when the optical fiber belt cable into the building, can choose its matching indoor optical fiber belt cable (optical fiber belt + arnylon yarn +PVC sheath structure). Second, when the underground pipes and ceilings between the equipment are buried, the enhanced structure can be used, such as PE and PU sheathed on the basis of cable distribution or aluminum-PE sheathed on the basis of the spread cable structure. Third, when the cable is equipped with metal armored sheath, it can be used for overhead and buried laying. Fourth, low smoke halogen-free (LSZH) materials can be used as outer sheath in the occasion of high toxicity and smoke emission. Fifth, PU sheath has better resistance to friction, scratches and chemical erosion performance, can be used for emergency, emergency repair and military cable.

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