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Six characteristics of optical cable
Release Date: 2022-05-19

Optical cables are manufactured by outer covers of single, multiple optical fibers or external combinations of optical fiber beams as an indicator of optical characteristics, environmental performance, and suitable mechanical properties of cable structure entities. There are mainly banded structure, bound structure, skeleton structure, stranded structure and so on. The technology has developed steadily over the years as it was slowly applied to long-distance routes in the 1980s and gradually began to use single-model optical fibers.

characteristics of optical cable

Compared with copper cable so far, optical cable transmission effect is very large.

(1) Wide bandwidth, large communication capacity. The broadband of about 500 GHZ, 1-IOJB /s network transmission using fiber is very simple.

(2) the loss caused is very low, the relay distance is long. By using optical fiber transmission loss is very small, for relay distance, cable is longer than cable.

(3) Optical fiber is an insulating material with strong resistance to electromagnetic obstacles.

(4) There is no interference called crosstalk, with good secrecy. Light waves can be transmitted simply through fiber optic cables with almost no leakage.

(5) Wire diameter is very fine, easy to lay.

(6) By using optical cable instead of cable, considerable metal materials can be saved.

However, we also know that the mechanical strength is not high, fragile nature, low technical requirements, difficult connection, etc., the cable itself also has certain deficiencies, so we need to analyze the cable engineering construction specifications, cable engineering can ensure quality.

As mentioned above, optical fiber has developed rapidly in recent years, speeding up the construction of optical fiber engineering, but due to the nature of the optical fiber itself is weak and other factors, optical cable laying becomes difficult, if engineers in the laying process there are such problems if all affect the quality of the project, it may affect the transmission of information. In this regard, we have clearly stated the specifications for the construction of radio and television light engineering, and the builders must follow the specifications so as to ensure the quality of the project.

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