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The role of FRP fiber optic cable strengthening core in optical cable
Release Date: 2022-03-10

Material is the fiber optic cable, no good material can not make good quality fiber optic cable. The structural strength of fiber optic cable reinforcement core is an important index of fiber optic cable mechanical properties. Fiber optic cable strengthening core plays a vital role in the protection of the cable structure, and as one of the fixed fiber optic cable structural components, plays a major role in enhancing the cable tensile and compressive capacity.

Fiber optic cable strengthening core is generally divided into metal strengthening core and non-metal strengthening core. Metal reinforcement core commonly used single steel wire and steel strand. Non-metallic core is commonly used fiber reinforced plastics - glass fiber GFRP and aramid silk two types. GFRP is used on the core or both sides of the core, and aramid fiber is used between the core and the sheath.

For non-metallic FRP reinforced core, the key to produce qualified FRP lies in reasonable selection of reinforcement materials, base materials and curing process.

The non-metallic FRP cable strengthening core is a round rod formed by resin as the base material glass fiber or aramong fiber as the strengthening material. It is generally located in the center of the cable, and the loose sleeve and tight buffer fiber are wound around the cable strengthening core. FRP and cable strengthening cores combine many aspects of high performance of glass and Arlene fibers with a unique resin formulation to produce a powerful, high-energy and economical cable strengthening product.

FRP cable strengthening core is specially designed for fully insulated optical cable applications. It has a smooth surface and extremely high dimensional stability. It has achieved long distance (50km) joint free, greatly improving the continuous production capacity of optical cables.

FRP cable strengthening core is not sensitive to electric shock, can avoid lightning and strong electromagnetic interference, suitable for lightning, rain and other climate environment. The cable with KFRP reinforced core can be installed close to the power line and power supply equipment without interference from the induced current generated by the power line or power supply device. Compared with the metal core, FRP and cable strengthening core will not produce gas due to the chemical reaction of metal and oil paste and affect the fiber transmission index, corrosion resistance, long service life, and FRP and cable strengthening core tensile strength is higher, light weight, the proportion of about 1/4 of the steel wire, easy to process and lay.

FRP cable strengthening core advantages, more and more widely used in all kinds of optical cable products, involving outdoor optical cable, indoor optical cable, FTTx home optical cable, power cable and so on. FRP cores are also used in other telecommunication fields.

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