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Troubleshooting of Optical Cable Lines
Release Date: 2022-03-05

Troubleshooting method:

(1) There is a total resistance fault that can be replaced by an optical cable in the same route.

(2) For all-block faults that have no optical fiber that can be replaced, the emergency plan shall be implemented to rush to replace the fault or the direct repair of the obstacle point shall be carried out.

(3) The optical cable has non-total resistance, and there are remaining optical fibers available.

(4) The optical cable has non-total resistance, and there is no remaining optical fiber or optical cable with the same route. 

(5) The transmission quality is unstable, and the system is good and bad. 

Common faults of optical cable lines: 

complete optical cable disconnection, partial optical fiber interruption, line failure caused by external factors, line failure caused by the optical fiber itself, and line failure caused by natural disasters.

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