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What Distinguishes OPGW Fiber Optic Cable From ADSS?
Release Date: 2024-04-08

Describe ADSS Cables.

Fibre optic cables that are robust enough to sustain themselves between structures without the need for conductive metal parts are known as all-dielectric self-supporting (ADSS) cables.The cable is intended for use in situations with distribution power lines and aerial transmission. Installation may be completed in a single pass since, as its name suggests, there are no metallic parts and the cable does not need a support or messenger wire.

The core strength component, stranded loose tube, water-blocking substance, aramid yarn, and sheath make up the majority of the ADSS cable construction. There are two types of ADSS cable structure: single jacket and double jacket.

What are Cables OPGW?

Optical ground wire (OPGW), sometimes called optical fiber composite overhead ground wire, is a type of cable that serves two purposes: it transmits data, video, or voice signals and serves as a ground wire.Installation of the cable on distribution and transmission lines is intended. The fibers are shielded from external factors including lightning, short circuits, and overloading in order to guarantee the dependability of signal transmission.

The optical fiber unit (stainless steel tube, aluminum-clad stainless steel tube) and metal mono-filament (aluminum-clad steel, aluminum alloy) peripheral reinforcement make up the majority of the OPGW cable construction. ACS (aluminum clad stainless steel tube), stranded tube, central tube, and ACP (aluminum clad PBT) are the four varieties of OPGW cables.



OPGW cable finds applications in the electric utility sector, voice, video, data transmission, SCADA networks, ariel ground wires, dark fiber leasing, and the transmission and distribution of power lines (i.e., 500KV, 220KV, and 110KV voltage grade lines).

Power utilities, telecom companies, private network groups, conductors, distribution and high voltage transmission lines, enterprise OSP networks, broadband, FTTX networks, railways, long-distance communication, computer networks, CATV, CCTV, Ethernet LAN Network, outside plant campus backbone, etc. all use ADSS cable for telecommunications.

Cost of Installation

While the installation cost of ADSS cable is comparatively low because it can accomplish free switching and does not require replacing the electrical transmission line, that of OPGW cable is very expensive and requires a large upfront investment.

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