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What Is ADSS Cable?
Release Date: 2022-05-21

ADSS cable is a type of cable that is strong enough to support itself between structures and does not contain conductive metal elements. Both single-mode and multi-mode fibers can be arranged in ADSS cables of up to 144 fibers. ADSS fiber optic cables are designed for antenna and piping applications for outdoor equipment in loop architectures of local and campus networks, from poles to buildings to town-to-town installations. The cabling system includes cables, suspension, terminals and terminal housing, providing a comprehensive transmission circuit infrastructure with high reliability performance.


The structure of ADSS cable can be divided into two types -- center tube structure and stranded structure. In the central pipe design, the fibers are placed in a PBT loose casing that is filled with a water-blocking material to a certain length. Then, according to the desired tensile strength, it is wrapped with Arlene yarn and extruded with PE (≤110KV electric field strength) or AT (≥100KV electric field strength) sheath. The structure is characterized by small diameter and light weight, but limited length. 

Adss-cable-central-tube-structure In the design of stranded structure, internal optical fiber and water-blocking grease are added into the fiber loose tube, and different loose tubes are wound around the central steel bar (usually FRP). The rest is basically similar to the central tube structure. This type allows for longer fiber length. Although relatively large in diameter and weight.


ADSS cables of this construction are better suited for long-span applications. Adss-cable-starstard-structureads cables are ideal for installation in distribution and transmission environments. Because ADSS cables offer the best solution for a broader combination of fiber numbers and spans, more and more overhead cabling system designers are inclined to use them in the telecommunications industry, such as power companies, telecom companies and private network groups. A combination of convenience and cost effectiveness, aerial fiber deployment requires this cable for better performance.

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