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What is fiber optic protective sleeve?
Release Date: 2021-10-21

When two optical fibers are fused together, optical fiber protection sleeves are usually used. The protective sleeve is used to protect the splicing joint and exposed optical fiber after splicing.

The product is composed of crosslinked polyolefin heat shrinkable tube, hot melt tube and stainless steel needle. It is specially designed to protect optical fiber sealing.

fiber optic fusion splice protection sleeve

Fusion is the process of aligning two optical fibers and joining them together by melting optical glass in a controlled manner. Once completed, splicing provides a lossy connection of almost 0dB. Splice can be tested for tensile strength as final test and approval. If the joint passes the test, it is considered acceptable and needs to be protected. That's where the case comes in!

The optical fiber used to protect splicing must be installed on the optical fiber prior to fusion (otherwise you will have to disconnect the optical fiber and start again). First, slide the protective sleeve onto the fiber. Then, weld. After fusion, the sleeve slides over the joint to cover both the joint and the exposed optical fiber. The protective sleeve is placed in the built-in sleeve oven of the welding machine. There, the casing is heated to melt and contract around the joint. The fiber does not bend because of the mechanical protection provided by the steel rod in the casing. The contraction of the pipe around the fiber also creates environmental protection to keep the components away from the splice joint.

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