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Breakout Cables Bundle Fan-out Bundle Fan-out Fiber Optic Patch Cords
Release Date: 2021-12-19

Branch cable Bundle Fan-out Fiber jumpers are designed for distribution frames or cable ducts that need to save space. For cables from distribution frame to equipment or from distribution frame to distribution frame, fan-out fiber jumpers with ribbon or distribution cables can save space in cable ducts.

Fan-out or branch kits are used when terminating optical cables made from subunits containing colour-coded bare fibers rather than buffered fibers. Insert the bare optical fiber into the pipe to install the connector.

Branching optical cable (also known as branching or fan-out optical cable) is a type of optical cable consisting of multiple single-core optical fibers enclosed in an outer sheath. This is different from distributed cables, where tightly sheathed optical fibers are bundled together and protected only by the cable's outer cable sheath. The branch cable design increases the strength of the reinforced branch, but this cable is larger and more expensive than the distributed cable. Branch cables are suitable for short risers and high voltage between applications, and can also be used in conduit, in which case a very simple cabling is planned to avoid the use of any branch boxes or splicing fiber tails.

Because each fiber is individually strengthened, the cable can be easily divided into separate fiber optic lines. Each single core cable inside the outer sheath can be disconnected and then continued as a jumper cable, for example in optical fiber connecting to desktop applications in office buildings. This enables connectors to be terminated without special connectors and can reduce or eliminate the need for fiber distribution frames or fiber distribution frames. Branch cables need to be terminated with simple connectors, which may be preferred in some cases. Today, a more common solution is to use fan-out kits to add a sheath over other types of very thin cables.

Bunched fan-out jumpers (multi-wire fan-out) are of great value in speeding up the installation process by eliminating unnecessary splicing or terminating in the field.

Cluster fan-out jumper assemblies are available with a variety of construction and connector options. There are various optical fibers in the bunched fan out jumper assembly, and it is equipped with distribution cable or outdoor equipment cable. Cable components of outdoor equipment use end sealing kits for waterproof protection, and fan-out tubes for optical fiber reinforcement. The cable is equipped with a 900un sealing buffer, which is not reinforced, depending on application. Although bunched fan out jumper assemblies are most commonly tailfibers, jumpers (jumpers) can also be used and provide numerous mounting advantages.

Bunching fan out jumper assembly is a custom-designed product; There are many options for cable length, jacket type and connector. To facilitate the identification of multiple cables, the 0.9mm cable itself is made of different colors. If it is a 2mm or 3mm cable, it will be labeled with a numbered label for identification. Pull wires also have pull rings; A pull ring is a small device that can be fixed to a cable and easily run the cable through a pipe or a small space. Long cable assemblies are usually packaged in plastic or wooden reels to prevent damage.

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