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How to tell good cable from bad?
Release Date: 2021-06-08

Common optical cable in daily life what is it used?

1. Role

The main function of optical cable is optical signal transmission, can meet the specifications of optical, mechanical and environmental performance, usually placed in a sheath of one or more optical fibers, can be made into communication cable components alone or in groups. It is made of optical fiber, plastic sheath and plastic outer layer. It is a kind of communication road for optical signal transmission.

2. Common types

The types of communication optical cables are divided into self-bearing aerial optical cables, pipeline optical cables, armored buried optical cables and submarine optical cables according to laying methods. According to the optical cable structure is divided into beam tube optical cable, layer stranded optical cable, hugging optical cable, belt type optical cable, non-metallic optical cable and branching optical cable. There are optical cables for long-distance communication, short-distance outdoor optical cables, mixed optical cables and optical cables used in buildings and so on.

3. cable core number and use

Optical cables from 1 to 288 cores are more commonly used. It's usually an even number, different uses.

The types and quantities used are as follows:

1, generally 1 to 2 core is leather cable, FTTH fiber for household use;

2, most of the use is 4 to 48 cores, generally used in monitoring, operators, system integration. Generally used in the community, inside the water pipe;

3, trunk optical cable generally use more than 48 cores.

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